Imago Dei Community

Romans: Chosen by God

Episode Summary

All humanity is under that wrath of God, yet in grace God has pursued us through Christ. This salvation comes through the Jews, as Christ was Jewish. This raises many questions about the state of Israel, and God's plan for her. Did God's plan fail? In Romans 9 Paul redefines God's plan by saying that not all of Israel is truly Israel. The true Israel includes all the children of the promise. Paul dispels the myth that that Israel is merely an ethnicity. For even Jews themselves to not consider Ishmael or Esau to be of Israel, though they certainly have the correct bloodlines. The same is true for us today as believers. We have nothing granting us salvation other than faith. Our heritage does not save us. This passage should be a warning to us not to allow our hearts to harden. We all need to humble ourselves before God, grateful that He has chosen to graft us in to his plan for salvation. We are not in some type of contract with God, but rather a dynamic, relational covenant. Romans 9:6 - 29