Imago Dei Community

Romans: Be Transformed

Episode Summary

God shows Himself as merciful over and over again throughout the book of Romans. In chapter 12 there is clear instruction for what we can do in response to the mercy we have received. God wants our whole person as a living and holy sacrifice and for us to live our whole lives as worship unto him through our gifts, loving and acting this out in the world. It is not about programmatic responses that are separate from the other parts of our lives. We offer our whole person and allow ourselves to be transformed into these kinds of people who begin to have a more real understanding of God’s will as a matter of our hearts’ posture before Him and not a matter of God’s best possible plan for my individual life. As we do make this living sacrifice, we are transformed and change begins to take place in a world where we have the hope that all things are being made new. Romans 12:1-2