Imago Dei Community

Philippians 4

Episode Summary

Paul’s letter to the Philippians focuses on the centrality of Christ. Jesus, Christ, Lord, or Savior are mentioned 51 times in the 104 verses. Key themes include joy, humility, and peace. In chapter 4, Paul concludes the letter by sharing the secret of being content; living in the power of Christ by first receiving peace from Christ, and then pursuing peace in community. Peace is a value of the kingdom of God, and can only be discovered and received...not created. Shalom, the Hebrew concept of peace looks like completeness, unity, and perfection of relationship. There is no concept of peace outside of relationship. That is why Paul understands a key to the gospel lying in the fact that we indeed have peace with God through Jesus (Romans 5). It is in this peace that Paul finds his hiding place...a place to find peace in the midst of circumstances. He urges us to find peace there. Further, he urges us to pursue this peace through our earthy community by living in unity. Philippians 4:1 - 23